Flexo Printing Machine

Flexo Printing Machine

  • Model NO. SKM001
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Basic Information
Product Description


"THINKING FLEXO"series of flexographic printing machines, with its unique upper web passing® structure , provides customers with flexo printing solutions of simple web threading process, convenient cleaning, small floor area, high-speed high-precision printing and low printing costs.


  • Simple web threading process

  • Easy to clean

  • Small floor area

  • High speed, high accuracy & high stability


  • Upper Web Passing®Structure(Patent)

  • PaperBank®

  • Zero Speed Paper H2H Splicing(Patent)

  • Shaftless Plate Roller

  • Anilox Roller Bi-DILOX® Pressure Adjustment(Patent)

  • High Precision Plate Roller Pressure Adjustment(Patent)

  • Closed Chamber Doctor Blade

  • Unique Printing Unit Structure

  • Upper Channel Drying System

  • Non-stop Rewinder